Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Power Shuffle

Today, with the help of my guidance intern Ms. Hickey, the sixth grade students participated in an activity called "The Power Shuffle." The silent activity began when all students lined up side-by-side on one side of a long line in the multi-purpose room.  Mr. Sussman had Ms. Hickey read various statements regarding bullying to the students.  All students were instructed by Mr. Sussman to cross the line and turn around to face students on the other side of the yellow line if they believed a statement held true to them. 

A few examples of the statements read are as follows:

*Cross the line if you've ever been teased or called a bad name or made fun of
*Cross the line if you've ever been called a mean name or put down just because you're a girl
*Cross the line if you're a boy and you've ever been told you shouldn't cry, show your emotions, or be afraid
*Cross the line if you've ever been a part of gossip/spreading a rumor.
*Cross the line if you've ever had someone write something negative about you on Facebook, Twitter, or on another form of social media.

After all the statements were read, Mr. Sussman separated the boys and the girls.  Ms. Hickey, spoke with the girls, while Mr. Sussman spoke with the boys.  Students opened up to Mr. Sussman, Ms. Hickey, and their peers about the difficulties of standing up to bullies.  Students were given tips on how to stand-up for one another, as well as a reminder of who to speak with if they feel they are a victim of bullying, or witness another student being bullied.

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  1. I really like this idea. Thank you very much for sharing! Surely the kids loved the activity :)